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Versão Portugues
Versão Portugues

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to Frozen Pequi

Hello Friends,
My name is Odilon, Alessandra’s husband and Sophia’s dad. We are a fun and happy family for more than five years, since I got married to the most beautiful of the beauties.
When are other family’ stories on the same path we are, we noticed as well as the same destination, there is another similarity, all of them write a blog. We can tell it is and awesome way to inform but it also has a bigger purpose… the Catharsis.
Catharsis, from Greek Kàtharsis, means purification of souls by an emotional discharge caused by a drama, or just unburden!
We realized that the secret of success of people who have taken this path is to keep the focus and persistence; and we believe sharing this moment with you is an excellent way to do this. Besides, we’ll have the opportunity to make new friends.
All posts of this channel will be written by four hands, by Ale and also by me. So you can distinguish who wrote what, from now on my posts will be in italics and Ale’s will be regular.
When we tell people that we want to have different experiences lots of them ask Why? Besides all the well-known political rhetoric in Brazil, that we kindly named "Brazilian Costs", what could be another reason for wanting to start over our lives away from our friends, family and people we love? The answer is that, like any other young couple, we are looking for an opportunity; not only looking for a job or money, but to full fill our potential, and receive due recognition for it.
I am studying Civil Engineering, and currently I am a government employee with a temporary contract, working as a draftsman technician (Autocad designer), on the Education Office of my state. Ale is graduated in Physiotherapy, but since the age of 17 she works as an ESL teacher in language schools. Sophia is a student, and since she was 5th months old she has been a regular student at one of the public day cares in our city.
At this stage of our careers we still have all the possibilities ahead. Unfortunately after finishing a Bachelor in physiotherapy I (Alessandra) did not get into the regular physiotherapy field. Believe it or not but, what have been offered to me was a minimum basic wage salary to work 30 hours a week, and all that after I graduated! The salary offered did not even match the tuition paid monthly during university. All the patients that I attend to, nowdays, are private. As Odilon said, I teach English as a second language since the age of 17 and I decided to keep teaching, on a part-time job, with a monthly salary that exceeds the monthly salary of many friends who work as a full-time physiotherapists. Despite loving physiotherapy saddens me to see such professional devaluation. I always dreamed with possibility of doing a masters and / or doctor degree and then work on the two things I love, teaching and physiotherapy, but this devaluation always discouraged me to pursue this goal.
 Researching about Canada, I realized the opportunity to have a high-level specialization, combined with an appreciation of the physiotherapist in an environment that is very familiar to me, the English language. In this search Odilon also benefits on engineering field that has a very important role in the current economic context, and the fact of finishing his degree at a Canadian university will be a plus in this scenario.

Odilon e Alessandra

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